New construction, a remodel, or just an addition, we've got you covered. The hard work and care we put into every project are unsurpassed by any other contractor. We have the experience and the creative ideas to give you a one-of-a-kind home, increasing your property value and giving you years of enjoyment.

Gain that WOW factor when guests walk in and see your great room accomodating a unique fireplace that stretches from floor to ceiling with architecture and style. Enjoy that irresistible appeal when your house is the one most talked about in the neighborhood or brought up in conversation while looking for dream houses. Whether it's brick, block, or stone, we have the ideas and the talent to bring your dreams to life!



It is not only one of the first things you see when you pull up to a house, but something you visit almost every day. That's right, your mailbox. Often left out of the picture when building a house and standing alone at the end of your driveway. Why not make a statement saying this is where we live. This is our house with a mailbox that genuinely reflects your family and your home. We can build a custom mailbox that matches your house, your personality, and your budget.

Our mailboxes are built in our climate-controlled shop and delivered to your location These aren't your average everyday mailboxes either. They are built just like we would if built on-site, only the mess is at our shop, not your home. We have a variety of options and sizes to fit your budget. Be the first one in your neighborhood with a modern masonry mailbox!

Indoor Entertainment

Whether it's game day, a special occasion, or just having a few with some friends, nothing makes it more enjoyable than an amazing living space. Take that dull basement, turn it into a family theater room, or how about a full bar where you and your friends can watch the game or entertain guests.

Turn that unused bedroom into an exciting man cave. Whatever it is that brings you to life; we can enhance that living space with some exclusive brick or stone accents that scream this is living!

Modern Masonry llc

Outdoor Entertainment

There are various ways to spend time with friends and family, but some of the most relaxing and enjoyable moments are quality time outside. Whether it's pool time, grilling some great food, making S’mores, or mixing your favorite drink behind the bar, we can bring those dreams to life with our creative minds, experience, and influence.

Let us bring your dreams to reality with a custom outdoor living area that boasts luxury, functionality, and your personal style and leaves the rest of your family, friends, and neighbors in awe!


Have an old chimney that is leaking? Retaining wall not retaining anymore? Maybe just a few cracks in some brick? Whatever your issues are, we have a solution. Please don't wait for these issues to fix naturally or to fail. Let us look at the problem and give you some repair options to fix and prevent any further issues.

Better yet, give us a call before these issues arise and let us provide you with some maintenance options to protect and prevent any issues.